Dental Programs to Poor People (Dental Care)

Through all these years, organizations, government agencies, business establishments, private sectors and even health establishments provide special services in the community for the benefits of their customers, community members and patients. Why do they provide such services?  What do they want to emphasize in performing these tasks? Are they committed in providing services like oral health services and improvements on oral health status?  Do they provide cheap services to the people?

In the field of dental clinics they provide services such as root canal treatments, dentures, extractions to selected teeth, examining teeth and gums, etc. It includes cleaningscalingtopical fluoride and even sealants. Its purpose is to provide oral health treatment and wellness to children, teenagers, seniors or to all ages as long he/she is still in good condition. They also provide oral health education for us to know the importance of oral health promotion and disease prevention. Other center of health development set priorities to catchments area providing with efficient and effective medical services.

When I was thirteen years old before the dentist was about to get my tooth, he told me that the most important part to do in taking good care of our teeth is to make a good choices in what I eat because it is also good for our overall health including dental health. He added that we should always have regular dental checkups, brush our teeth at least twice a day, use floss regularly to avoid gum infections and help to avoid tooth decay by not eating more on sugary foods. In contrast to my illustration, dentist advices their patients what to do and how to take care of their oral hygiene. It includes in their service management that they must be patient and capable on giving insights to those who do not know what to do.

Some dental clinics provide dental insurance which is beneficial to their patients just to help them in decreasing burdens to their financial expenses. But it doesn’t mean that all dental health expenses will be made available or all expenses will be charged to them. It means that they have to split the cost of health expenses to the insurance company responsible on the half or three fourths of the payment. At least a part of it will help people to lessen their worries and by providing such services, they help poor people in answering possible portion of dental costs.

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